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Voupons FAQ

Q: So how does it work?
A: Simply send an SMS to your phone for FREE. Show your phone when paying and save
Click HERE for more details

Q: Is it free to use?
A: A Yes

Q: I’m worried about my privacy?
A: No need. Voupons does not provide your details to any third party

Q: If I request a Voupon SMS, am I charged?
A: No. The service is free to use.

Q: If I request a Voupon SMS, does that mean I will be charged by the business?
A: No. What it means is that you have the opportunity to contact the business and get a great bargain using your Voupon Code.

Q: Will I get bombarded with SMS?
A: No. You request one SMS, you get one SMS. Limit of one SMS per deal, max of 20 deals per day, and only at your request. That means you must request the deal to get the deal.

Q: Who do I pay when taking advantage of the great offers on Voupons?
A: You pay the business directly when you visit the business to redeem your Voupon.

Q: Do I need to enter my credit card details?
A: No. You pay the business directly, so there is no need to enter credit card details on

Q: How difficult is it to redeem a Voupon?
A: Not difficult at all. Simply contact the business and quote your Voupon Code and make a booking. It’s easy to save money with Voupons.

Q: Are there deals in my area?
A: The Voupons Monster is constantly on the lookout for great businesses to get on board. Email us with suggestions.


Q: How do I get the App?
A: Click HERE or search Voupons in your Iphone App store.

Q: How does the App work?
A: The app has instructions included. Long story short, you get notified of new deals in your area. Once downloaded, customise the settings to suit your needs. You are in control at all times, so you only get notified of things you are actually interested in.


Q: I have a business and I want more info. What to do?
A: Click HERE and create a free account. The Voupons team will contact you shortly.


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