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Conscious Marketing

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I wrote this article on my marketing blog. We can feel strong changes in the opinions and feeling on consumers on a global scale.: Conscious Marketing and meditation


Do you love your job? Have you felt unfulfilled in recent years? There is a global conscious shift on our planet and it has left many people feeling like something is missing in their higher purpose and the biggest change we are going to see is through business large and small.

Random example of corporate Consciousness: Bill Gates has pledged to give all of his £30billion ($58billion) fortune to charity – rather than leaving it for his children. – Good things are happening on the highest level!

Is this you? We’re all victims and perpetrators of unconscious binge marketing and advertising and we are just starting to question or wake up to this. As marketers, when we need to sell more, we simply turn up the volume and the frequency of our promotions and add to the already over-saturated marketing. What has marketing done for our planet, spiritually, evolution and and higher purpose as human Beings? Marketing has made us sick, fat, broke, stressed and created mass consumerism. People are more worried about getting a nice car, latest gaget or flat screen TV and a big part of this has been many marketing techniques to manipulate us into think that a growing economy is the only way. What can us as businesses do to turn this around?

The world is going through a big change and people are starting to wake up. This is going to affect marketing in the near future!

It’s time to clean marketing up! And it can start with you and me. We need to reinvent it so that it’s a force for good in the world. It needs to contribute to the elevation of humanity and our planet. Let’s step back and realise what really matters!

What is Conscious Marketing?
It’s NOT about corporate social responsibility or philanthropy.

Conscious Marketing is
about building something so fundamentally good into the heart of your business and your products and services so that people simply want to join your tribe and become your greatest advocates. It has to be real and sincere.

Full Article here:


Joe Brown

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