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    By 2005 , the global textile quota system will be abolished .Comments : For retail businesses, they want to get through entity by O2O mode , online shopping mall , three core channels, mobile applications , innovative retailing model.According to Yan said the Vice Premier Wang Yang listened when the Commerce Department report suggested that China is an important characteristic of the circulation system of socialism with Chinese characteristics hosting platform , requires us to answer the question what is the circulation system with Chinese characteristics .In the same specialty , supermarket , department store and other retail business sales slowdown , with the rapid rise in labor, rent and other operating costs , its profitability continued to decline, there was a substantial slowdown in profit growth . Hot Sale According to 113 free trade agreements notified ended in July 2000 , WTO received calculation , enjoy a free trade agreement covering imports under preferential trade treatment product ratio in 2000 was up 43% , to ending January 2003 , WTO closing notification to the Free Trade Agreement reached 151 , the preferential trade agreement in 2005 under free trade may develop to 51.

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