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Conscious Marketing

Special Invitation: We are looking for GOOD VIBE products and services for our site. We have had a revelation and want to be a part of something bigger and greater that is making a positive difference in people’s lives!

If you think the same way we want YOU on our site. If you have a positive product, service or message it is totally FREE to list.

We want to partner with like minded businesses that can see the future of positive and conscious marketing.

If you can see the shadows on the wall and all the distractions that redirect us every day with mindless news and worthless products. We want to join you in sharing positive messages through referrals and good vibe networks.

If this is you: We want to hear from you! We want to share your message, product or service and promote that on our site for FREE! If you can help us promote our message on your Facebook, database or list in return that would be sweet!


I wrote this article on my marketing blog. We can feel strong changes in the opinions and feeling on consumers on a global scale.: Conscious Marketing and meditation


Do you love your job? Have you felt unfulfilled in recent years? There is a global conscious shift on our planet and it has left many people feeling like something is missing in their higher purpose and the biggest change we are going to see is through business large and small.

Random example of corporate Consciousness: Bill Gates has pledged to give all of his £30billion ($58billion) fortune to charity – rather than leaving it for his children. – Good things are happening on the highest level!

Is this you? We’re all victims and perpetrators of unconscious binge marketing and advertising and we are just starting to question or wake up to this. As marketers, when we need to sell more, we simply turn up the volume and the frequency of our promotions and add to the already over-saturated marketing. What has marketing done for our planet, spiritually, evolution and and higher purpose as human Beings? Marketing has made us sick, fat, broke, stressed and created mass consumerism. People are more worried about getting a nice car, latest gaget or flat screen TV and a big part of this has been many marketing techniques to manipulate us into think that a growing economy is the only way. What can us as businesses do to turn this around?

The world is going through a big change and people are starting to wake up. This is going to affect marketing in the near future!

It’s time to clean marketing up! And it can start with you and me. We need to reinvent it so that it’s a force for good in the world. It needs to contribute to the elevation of humanity and our planet. Let’s step back and realise what really matters!

What is Conscious Marketing?
It’s NOT about corporate social responsibility or philanthropy.

Conscious Marketing is
about building something so fundamentally good into the heart of your business and your products and services so that people simply want to join your tribe and become your greatest advocates. It has to be real and sincere.

Full Article here:


Message in the sand Gold Coast

Voupons has created this awesome way of printing in the sand to advertise and be kind to the environment; it uses no petrol, electricity or paper. How did the markings on the Gold Coast beach get there? It is supposed to remind you of crop circles and create that wonder. Until you see the clever device some may wonder how they made so many perfect words in a row. It is made of materials specifically designed not to harm the beach.

It is 100% pollution free and carbon neutral. Instead of a motor we use people power to rotate the wheel and print the message in the sand. After the message is received it is washed away by the tide leaving nothing but pristine Gold Coast beach in its wake.

I love this type of creative advertising. Instead of printing with large garish signs or blaring billboards messages to us out of every radio and TV we chose to work with the natural environment. The message has a far greater impact and stands a much better chance of being remembered.

So as the Gold Coasters get up for their morning stroll we hope we can create some wonder and deliver some inspiring messages.

We wanted to create the wonder during the Bleach festival and make people wonder what happened.

Buddhist monks make sand artworks. It teaches them that nothing lasts forever. For as soon as it’s finished they wipe it away.

How did those words in the sand get on the Gold Coast Beach? We used a device to make big letters print all along Surfers Paradise to Broadbeach.

Do you want your message printed on the sand of the Gold Coast?


SEO Booster Pack

We did some research and found that business need SEO help and a big push so our SEO team of experts came up with this: SEO Gold Coast

  • $100 worth of facebook – adds to increase your likes
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Facebook for Voupons and Voupons apps
Facebook for Voupons and Voupons apps

Importance of Directory Submissions

To increase visibility and rank in Google is the most important thingfor every businesses marketing strategy. Driving traffic to your website and getting noticed by search engines takes a lot of time and effort and there are many ways to increase your rate and get found.

Links, Links, Links! This is so important for YOUR web site! Online Marketing Gold Coast>

Links play a major role in determining your ranking position on all major search engines. Building inbound links or back links in quantity and quality will influence your search engine rank massively. One simple, cheap and easy way to get these back links is to submit your link to  as many directories as possible. The more directories that your site is listed on the more traffic you get the higher Google will rank your site for the key words phrases that target your business. Directory submission is a website optimization strategy that EVEY web site owner needs to actively.

Ask your seo company how many links your site has

Initially directories were a source for web users to find websites on various topics like the yellow pages. Today search engines, Google and Facebook and other social media platforms have taken over but directories have not lost their importance still. You cannot expect too much traffic from a directory submissions but you can expect an improvement in your search engine placement so you must do this!

How it works

When submitting to a directory, the main thing is human submitting to these directories. Your submission will be viewed by an actual person who determines how relevant and unique your website is, and after passing your website will be accepted in the directory. This automatically establishes the credibility of your website and then the search engines will consider links submitted to the directories.

Some directories even feed their databases to other directories and search engines so you can start to see the power in this. Depending on the quality of the directory and the number of back links your website has the search engines will be able to rank you and work out your relevance and qualify your website.

Directories are very important

If your website is low on unique content but rich in images, flash content the search engines may not be able to categorize your website when the search spider visits your site so understanding this is very important and that is why you need a FULL report done for your site so you know. By submitting to a directory under a particular category, you allow the search engine to categorize your site under a relevant topic and drive relevant traffic to you.

There are general and specific directories available online. Specific directories target only those websites based on a particular subject or field. No matter what your business is, odds are that directories will be available that cater specifically to it. There are also regional directories available which may be highly useful if your online business targets a local audience.

You can submit to some directories for free while others are charged – the ones that you pay for have a much higher rank influence than free ones (very important). Try looking for directories relevant to your website and submit to them. There are even online directory submission services like Voupons that can do this for you. And don’t forget about coupon directories as everyone is looking online before purchasing.

  • If you sign up we will do a TOTAL online campaign and list your site on OVER 200 OTHER DIRECTORIES!

  • AND do a comprehensive SEO report on your site – Value is $250