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How it Works - "Business"

This is an awesome video we put together to show you how Voupons works:

Sign up your business to create some great ‘Voupons’ for shoppers. Your deals appear on instantly.

When shoppers search on Voupons for businesses in your category and area, your deals will show = You get more customers!

Interested shoppers can send your offer to their mobile phone for super convenient redemption with your business.

Cost and search positions
Worried about cost and where your business shows in searches? Voupons puts you in complete control! Pay only for results.

Voupons is very cost effective when compared to other coupon sites and printing services. You only pay for SMS credits that are requested by shoppers ($0.35, with a minimum purchase of 300 voupon send credits). Voupons has no ongoing fees.

You’re only charged when someone sends your Voupon to their phone from the website. We have several measures in place to stop shoppers doing this without the intent to use. See FAQ’s

Control your search position
You are able to raise how high your Voupons show in search results by increasing the price you are willing to pay each time a shopper sends your Voupon to their phone. For example if there are 40 restaurants showing in your area and you raise your text send from $0.35 to $0.40 and this is the highest bid, you are guaranteed the top search position. (If you’re familiar with Google adwords this is a similar system.)

Pricing structure
No risk membership
No setup fee, no ongoing fees and our low $110 minimum Voupon sending credit purchase puts you in complete control of your advertising expenditure from the very beginning. You only pay for results!

Every time someone sends a Voupon to their phone or prints it out it costs the business 35c. This is very good value as you are only paying for results and not paying any monthly fees. You also have the ability to rank higher if you make your Voupon send credit higher (eg. .35c).

See Demo Video on how the bsuiess accout works
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