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How it Works - "Shoppers"

This is an awesome video we put together to show you how Voupons works:

Voupons is constantly seeking the best bargains to bring to our shoppers. Every week businesses are bringing new exciting discounts, bargains, and promotions direct to you.

Find awesome deals on restaurants, health, beauty, apparel, adventure, photography, flowers, gift baskets, sunnies, lingerie and heaps more...

The Voupons crew is hard at work ensuring your shopping experience is as user friendly and risk free as possible.

We believe in a fair go for businesses, and we believe in a fair go for shoppers.

What this means is that you, as a shopper, get to use Voupons awesome concept for FREE! You do not need to use credit cards, wait for vouchers to be emailed to you, and best of all you do not need to battle to make a booking or wait months to get that awesome beauty treatment or delicious dining experience.

There are two ways you can become eligible to get huge savings.

1.    Request SMS and enter your mobile number
2.    Download the Iphone App

Requesting an SMS means you receive the Voupon Code (COUPON), the details of the discount and business contact details. Then simply contact the business, provide your Voupon Code, and pay them directly for their service.

Downloading the App means exactly the same thing, with a few extra user friendly features, including real time directions to your favourite deal!

At all times you are in control of the information you receive. Your contact details are private, and we will keep them private. Voupons will never sell or supply your details to a third party. Ever!

So take advantage of today’s technology, receiving awesome deals straight to your mobile phone. Voupons is the future in your hands, TODAY!

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