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Voupons and the Environment

At we are passionate about creating an environmentally friendly approach to one of the least environmentally friendly marketing methods used by business today - the distribution of printed coupon leaflets and Junk Mail. helps businesses reduce their
environmental footprint by:

  • Offering a service which allows them to reach thousands of shoppers without having to, or contributing too printing and delivering thousands of leaflets
  • Allowing their potential customers to store and redeem offers using a mobile phone, instead of having to print and carry like other coupon websites
  • does not print a coupon booklet or send bulk mailings (letterbox spam).
  • primary methods of attracting businesses and shoppers is via word of mouth, internet, phone and radio
  • displays deals to shoppers via the internet, and their primary method of redemption is via mobile phone (both of which people have on all the time anyway)
  • An un-named competitor brags at the fact they have had a coupon newspaper delivered directly to over 650,000 homes in South East Queensland every three weeks for the last six years in full colour. Does this concern you? practices what it preaches.

  • We strive to operate a paperless office by storing our records electronically; collecting and sending faxes via email and communicating with our clients primarily though the internet
  • Any standalone promotional material we do print is always printed on recycled paper and never bulk-mailed
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Voupons and the Environment Shocking Junk Mail Statistics & Environmental Damage
  • Junk mail kills 2.6 Million trees every year.
  • Every Australian household gets 6 pieces of junk mail each day.
  • In 5 days we produce enough junk mail to reach the moon.
  • We could reach the moon 61 times per year with our junk mail.
  • If you take the 2.6 Million trees killed each year and convert that into kilograms of paper, you get roughly 500 million.


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